How to Measure Your Feet

How to Measure Your Feet

To find the correct fit for your STRYDA Soles, we always recommend choosing insoles that match your foot length and not your shoe size, as shoe sizes can vary greatly between brands and styles. 63-72% of us are even wearing the wrong shoe size! (1) Improper shoe size can cause foot pain and problems that range from blisters to plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia and more.

The key to finding the best fit is to measuring your foot properly. Read on to find out how:

What you will need: a plain piece of paper, a pen or a pencil, measuring tape or a ruler and your feet. 

1. Place the paper on the floor and stand on it with one foot. You can also sit on a chair while measuring your feet, just ensure your foot is firmly planted on the ground. 

2. Trace the outline of each foot.

4. Mark the tip of your big toe and the end of your heel. 

5. Measure the distance between your big toe and heel using a measuring tape or ruler. Repeat this with your other foot. 

6. You can now compare this to the length of the insoles on the size chart and select your closest size. If your feet are two different sizes, select the smaller size and compare this length to the insoles on the size chart:

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our team here. Selecting the right size is crucial for your STRYDA Soles and we are more than happy to help! 

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