Hello. We are STRYDA

Based in Melbourne, Australia we are a team of podiatrists looking to build a better future in the world of insoles and footcare.

Meet Thien Trinh, STRYDA Founder

Born in Vietnam, Thien migrated to Australia as a refugee when he was just two years old with his family. They came with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Thien, alongside his older brother, Thanh and older sister Khiem are all qualified podiatrists. With combined experience of over 60 years!

Thien's passion lies in human movement and biomechanics. He enjoys treating patients from all walks (and runs!) of life. From toddlers to the elderly, office workers to elite athletes! He has seen it all over the span of 15+ years in the clinical field.

Thien believes access to excellent foot health and care belongs to all. He is on a mission to bring sustainable, ethical and truly effective products to the world that help people move at their best, pain free!

Why did you feel there was a need for change?

"I felt there was something missing from insoles and orthotics available as direct to consumer. Custom made devices can be extremely expensive. Insoles can also be either too rigid which disturbs natural movement and function, or too floppy rendering them ineffective. I wanted to develop the best solution possible that could outperform traditional plastic devices. One that is natural and better for the human body, moulding to the foot as it is worn. A natural material also means that it is better for the planet. A win, win and win scenario! STRYDA Soles was born."

What is your vision?

"Changing people's lives by changing the way they move from the feet up. Health is directly correlated with how we move. If we can stay active, we can stay healthy throughout our long lives. We have one body, we need to take care of it so that it takes care of us as we age gracefully. I want to develop products that allow the end consumer the best possible results with total convenience and ease of use."

Our Mission:

We want to offer people real solutions that are fast, effective and sustainable.

We want to take care of our bodies and the planet as the two are very much connected.

Let's move at our best with nature, as nature intended.

We believe that change begins from the feet up

The relationship we have with our feet and the planet is well overdue for change. Both are closely connected and totally dependant on each other. Let's move with nature. This is our vision at STRYDA.

What's the problem?

Every year millions of insoles made of hard plastic and unrecyclable foam end up in landfill. These synthetic materials can take up to 30 years to breakdown and leach microplastics and potentially toxic substances into our soil and water. 

Now imagine if the world's population of 7 billion people only wore biodegradable, recyclable and organic insoles. This one small change would reduce millions of tonnes of plastic ending up in landfill. 

Our vision is a future obsolete of commercial synthetics such as hard plastics and chemicals in the world of podiatry and footcare. We are dreaming big, even if it's one step at a time.

We live and walk across the ground each day. Our relationship with the Earth is directly connected and codependent. We believe all efforts must be made to minimize our carbon footprint and improve the world for future generations.

We want our customers to walk boldly into a better future

These values are what we grow within ourselves and strive towards to better our brand everyday. We refuse to settle for the status quo and what is 'traditional' in the world of foot care. Your feet come first and it's time to walk a healthier walk.

The more we challenge ourselves, the closer we are to a healthier future.

Complete sustainability starts one step at a time. Join us in striding towards better health for your body and your planet