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STRYDA Soles Slim Barefoot Insoles

STRYDA Soles Slim Barefoot Insoles

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 To find your size, measure the length of your foot and follow our sizing guide here: Size Guide

STRYDA Soles Slim Barefoot Insoles offer a more compact design whilst still retaining our patent pending design. This gives you more room inside your shoes where you need it and a more flexible experience.

The Slim Barefoot Insoles offers guidance and support for STRYDA's Trigger Point System to help your feet stay balanced as you move and perfectly connected to the ground.

Whether you think you have 'flat feet' or high arched feet, STRYDA Soles guide and support you from pronation on landing through to Supination on take off every step you take. They also lift, splay and stabilize your entire forefoot structure so every muscle is able to work at it's mechanical best.

These foot insoles are the most balanced insoles on the market, allowing for an extremely natural and grounded experience.

STRYDA Cork is the ultimate natural material that allows our anatomical design to hug the shape of your feet even closer as they reshape and mould to your feet and unique pressure pattern as you wear them. Awesome right? Your feet will feel the love as they're cradled, perfectly connecting them to the ground you move on.

STRYDA Soles can provide fast and effective relief for common foot issues that stop you from living life on your terms, especially Plantar fasciitis. You won't want to take them off!

All STRYDA Soles have a neutral design with zero drop, optimizing your natural foot function for the modern world. 

STRYDANatural cork is incredible for human tissues and totally sustainable. Cork feels incredible on your feet, offers plenty of flex and shock absorption.

Whether you’re on your feet all day at work, out socializing with friends or exercising, STRYDA Soles will keep you on the move and your feet feeling stronger than ever. 

STRYDA Soles will absorb and deflect the impact of harsh, unnatural and flat man-made surfaces to reduce pressure as you walk. We weren't designed to be on concrete, tiles, floorboards all day every day! 

Try STRYDA's lifechanging insoles today and your feet will thank you!  

Make sure you have shoes that have enough room in them for your feet, for best results, pair them with runners, sneakers and boots! The shoe is just as important as our insoles.

Insoles should last between 12-18 months of daily use. May vary between users.

ARTG No:  395357


Returns Policy

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PLEASE NOTE: insoles cannot returned if they have been trimmed or damaged.

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How to Use

1. Remove any existing insoles from your shoes.

2. Ensure your STRYDA Soles are placed firmly inside your shoe, with the heel cup positioned to the back of your shoe with no gap.

It is important to ensure your insoles fit comfortably inside your shoes. Make sure there is enough room and depth and that any existing insole is removed. A shoe that is too tight or narrow may impact the comfort and effectiveness of your insoles.

Insoles will withstand 8-18 months of daily activities such as walking, running and general exercise.

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Key Features

Insoles Designed for Total Foot Comfort and Relief

STRYDA Soles will reduce excessive pressure on your muscles, joints and ligaments as you stand, walk and run.

Natural cork has all the good stuff to cushion the blow, providing superior shock absorption so that you can get back to the activities you love.

Ideal for helping feet with:

• Plantar fasciitis

• Arch Pain

• High Arches & Flat Feet

• Forefoot Pain

• Morton's neuroma

Always consult your health professional first.


Our unique STRYDA™ Trigger Point System provides the optimal level of contact, guidance and support between your feet and the ground. This ensures your feet's natural mechanics will not be overpowered or disrupted.

STRYDA Soles helps your feet find the ideal balance between supination, pronation and controlled forefoot splay.

1. The Metatarsal Dome: these bumps in the centre of the insole will splay your toes to reduce your forefoot pain and engage the muscles in your feet. They may feel weird at first, but you will quickly get used to them. You may even love the feeling straight away. You'll forget they are even there!

2. Lateral Arch Trigger Point: aids with shock absorption and timely pronation of your feet

3. Medial Arch: redistributes the pressure on your arch and aids with timely supination.

Each trigger point will stimulate different muscles in your feet at the ideal time and position of your gait cycle to optimize your body's biomechanics.

Think of the trigger point system as cues for your feet as you move.

Why cork?

Cork is an organically grown material that is better for your body and better for the planet.

STRYDA Soles are made with no hard plastics to ensure your insoles are earth friendly.

This natural material will also mould to the shape of your feet overtime, providing individual support to the natural shape of your feet.

Cork has many natural properties perfect for all day dry and comfortable feet:

• Anti-fungal

• Anti-odor

• Anti-bacterial

• Sweat resistant

• Hypoallergenic


For best results, please make sure your shoes fit well, this is crucial!

You shouldn’t need to go up in size to accommodate our insoles, a well fitted shoe will have ample room for both your feet and the insoles.

Width in the toe box and depth of volume should be a priority as your feet deserve not to be squashed! Get this right and your life-changing STRYDA Soles should slip right in!

Examples that should fit seamlessly include almost any sneaker or exercise shoe, barefoot shoes and boots. The key is room for your feet to be free, for too long have we worn shoes too tight, especially in the forefoot and toe areas.

Examples of shoes that you may struggle in general let alone with STRYDA soles in the mix too! Court shoes, high heels, tight dress shoes or shoes that are too small for the natural shape of your feet. You can certainly wear these for social occasions but it’s best for your feet to keep these to a minimum.

Cleaning & care

Regularly clean your insoles by wiping down with a damp cloth, allowing the insoles to air dry before returning the insoles to your shoes.

Do not forcefully flex or bend the insoles as cork will snap when forced to extreme angles.

Natural wear and tear such as chipping of the cork is expected, this should not affect the function of your insoles.

30 Day Returns!

If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. If our insoles haven't changed your life after 30 days, we'll give you a full refund.